Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Alliance

The primary purpose of the Alliance is to promote friendship through golf.

To Support Professionals and Assisitant Professionals with Training. 

To Support Junior Golf at County Level and encourage the growth of golf throughout the county





Administration and Management

1.  The Alliance shall be known as the "Leicestershire and Rutland Golf Alliance"

2.  The Management of the Alliance shall be vested in the Committee which shall consist of the President and Vice-President (both of whom shall serve for one year and be amateur members of the Committee), Immediate Past President, Captain, Honorary Assistant Secretary, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, together with three other amateurs and three professionals'.

3.  One amateur and one professional member of the Committee shall retire annually in rotation, but shall be eligible for re-election.

4.  Twelve members shall form a quorum at a General Meeting of theAlliance, and three at a Committee Meeting. At all Meetings the President shall act as Chairman and shall have a second or casting vote.

5.  Amateur Men Members and Juniors of 16 years of age on January 1st proceeding the Alliance Season, and Past Presidents of theAlliance, and Professional attached to Golf Clubs within the two Counties who are members of the Leicestershire & Rutland P.G.A. are eligible for membership. Maximum handicap for allAlliancefixtures to be 24 for Men and 32 for Ladies. Professionals who are not attached to Golf Clubs but  are members of the Leicestershire & Rutland P.GA. may at the discretion of the Executive Committee be admitted as members of theAlliance.

6.  The Honorary Secretary and Treasurer shall keep a register of all members of theAlliance.

7. The financial year of theAllianceshall commence on June 1 and end on May 31st in each year. The Honorary Treasurer shall receive and pay all sums respectively due to or from theAlliance, and shall lay before the Annual Meeting an audited statement of receipts and expenditure for the preceding year.

8.  The Annual Subscription shall be a minimum of £20.00 for Amateur members, £20.00 for Professionals, and £10.00 for Assistants of which at least £1.00 will go towards support of the Junior Section of the L & R G U). Competition Entry Fees £16.00   for   Amateurs,   £16.00   for Professionals, and £11.00 for Assistants. Entry fees may be varied during the season at the discretion of the Executive. Subscriptions shall be payable to the Hon. Secretary or Hon. Treasurer. No member may participate in any competition promoted by theAllianceuntil his subscriptions is paid.

9.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of July, and not less than fourteen days prior to such meeting a copy of the Audited Statement together with notice of the Meeting shall be sent to each Club in theAlliancefor display in the Club House.

10. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Honorary Secretary at the written request of twelve members and held within one calendar month.

11. Nominations to fill a vacancy or vacancies on the Committee must be submitted in writing by two members of theAllianceat least seven clear days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

12. All nominations for the "Officers of theAlliance" must be received in writing by the Honorary Secretary seven clear days before the date of the General Meeting

13. The Committee shall have power to recommend Honorary Life Members in recognition of services rendered to theAlliance, such recommendation to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

14. Alterations or amendments to these Rules shall be made only at a General Meeting of the Members, and notice of any proposed alterations must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary 'seven clear days before the date of the General Meeting.

Tournaments and Competitions.

15. All competitions shall be in accordance with the rules of the Royal Ancient Golf Club, and in the case of Professionals thePGA. Juniors cannot partner other juniors, including ladies invitations, and in addition thereto, the local Rules of the Club where the Competition or Tournament is held. Plugged balls maybe lifted, cleaned and dropped through the green. Except that in the event of a tie the Winner / s shall be judged on the nett score of the back nine and then if still a tie, in the following order, on the nett score of the back six, back three, back one, back twelve, back fifteen and finally the front five and back four holes.

16. In all Tournaments and Competitions Members must have an Active handicap and play off their lower handicap, but no member shall be allowed a handicap of more than 24. The handicap of a Professional and that of an Assistant Professional shall be as defined by the Professional Executive, but the handicap of both Professionals and Assistants may be adjusted from time to time by the Committee forAlliancepurposes. Female Professional golfers play off the same tees as male Professionals.

17. Each competition shall be under the control of the committee whose decision appertaining thereto shall be final. The Hawkes Trophy, Millennium Trophy, Gardner Stock Trophy and the Past President's Salver shall all be Inter Club Competitions. The Potts Trophy is for individual amateur competition only. The Woodhouse and Senior Scratch Trophies are open to Seniors of age 55 and above on the day of the competition.

18. As a condition of entry to all competitions the winner of any trophy win be responsible for the safe custody and return to the secretary one month before the trophy is next played for. He/She will also be responsible for ensuring that the trophy is adequately insured during the period it is held.

19. A Championship Meeting to be called "The Leicestershire and Rutland Golf Alliance Championship", incorporating The Professional Championship of Leicestershire andRutland, shall be held each year over 36 holes under Medal competition rules, and shall be open to all members of theAlliance.

 20. In the event of a tie in any of the thirty six hole Competitions played on the day of the Championship, the winner will be decided by a sudden death play off starting at the first hole.

21 No one can now enter for the Championship, unless he has joined theAllianceby December 31st of the previous year, and must have played in six Competitions. The Committee have powers to amend this rule in extreme circumstances.

22. Ride on buggies may not be used when playing in the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Alliance Championships.

23 Distance-Measuring Devices:- A player may obtain information by using a device that measures DISTANCE ONLY. However, if during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure any other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed, temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule of Golf 14-3, for which the penalty is  disqualification regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used.

Benevolent Fund.

24 Any surplus funds of theAllianceshall be invested in theAllianceand Leicester Bank plc in the account known as "The Leicestershire and Rutland Golf Alliance Benevolent Fund" or such other fund as the committee may decide.

25. Such fund's shall be operated by four trustees, all of whom must be current playing members of the Alliance, one to be the President for the time being of the Alliance, one to be nominated by the members of the Leicestershire and Rutland Professional Golfers' Association, and two to be amateur golfers, on& of whom to be the Vice-President,   nominated   by   the Committee of the Alliance. Nominations of the last three mentioned Trustees shall be approved at the Annual General Meeting or theAlliance.

26. Payments or distributions to Professionals shall be only through the Benevolent Fund, and such payments or distributions shall be made upon a recommendation by resolution of the Committee and with the approval of the majority of the Trustees.

27. Trustees shall not, without the prior sanction of the members of the Alliance, given in any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, distribute in any one year in aggregate more than one quarter of the Leicestershire and Rutland Golf Alliance Benevolent Fund to any deserving Professional Members as defined by Clause 6 of the objects clauses or more than £400 to any individual deserving Professional Member as so defined.


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